Complexity Bounds for Obstacle Avoidance within a Zonotopic Framework

Daniel Ioan1, Ionela Prodan2, Florin Stoican3, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-iulian Niculescu4

  • 1L2S-Univ. Paris-Sud-CentraleSupelec-CNRS, Universite Paris Sacla
  • 2Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) - Esisar
  • 3UPB (Politehnica UNiversity of Bucharest)
  • 4CNRS-Supelec



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10:00 - 12:00 | Wed 10 Jul | Franklin 10 | WeA10

Predictive Control for Linear Systems

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This paper addresses the problem of collision avoidance in a multi-obstacle environment and focuses on its representation in optimization-based control problems. The design problem is commonly stated in the literature in terms of a constrained optimization problem over a non-convex domain. Preliminary results make use of hyperplane arrangements to characterize these regions. The current paper considers additional structural constraints by the use of zonotopic over-approximation and highlights their benefits when introduced in the obstacle avoidance problem. Comparisons with classical sampled-based approaches are presented through simulations.

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