Perception for Cooperative Automated Driving - Analysis of Practical Issues

Miguel Ángel Sotelo Vázquez1

  • 1University of Alcalá





09:00 - 13:00 | Sun 9 Jun | Room L109 | SuET6

CIV: Cooperative Interacting Vehicles

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Self-driving cars have experienced a booming development in the latest years, having achieved a certain degree of maturity. It is well known in the scientific community that the reliability and perception horizon of self-driving cars will be further enhanced by means of cooperation with other vehicles. Thus, Cooperative Automated Driving is expected to become the future of vehicle autonomy. The benefits of Cooperative Perception will be immense in mixed traffic environments, even for non-automated V2V-equipped and manually driven vehicles. This talk will analyze some of the practical issues affecting cooperative perception for collaborative automated driving. For such purpose, a bird-eye view of cooperative driving scenarios and technological constraints will be presented, followed by the discussion of experimental findings obtained in a series of real tests carried out with several V2V-equipped vehicles.

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