Complete Instability of Differential Inclusions Using Lyapunov Methods

Philipp Braun1, Lars Gruene2, Christopher M. Kellett1

  • 1University of Newcastle
  • 2University of Bayreuth



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10:00 - 12:00 | Mon 17 Dec | Splash 12 | MoA20

Lyapunov Methods I

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Lyapunov functions and control Lyaupunov functions are a well established tool in the analysis of stability properties of dynamical systems as well as in the design of stabilizing feedback controllers. In order to address problems such as stabilization in the presence of unsafe sets of states or obstacle avoidance, one potential approach involves rendering such obstacles unstable by feedback. To this end we introduce (nonsmooth) Chetaev and control Chetaev functions and demonstrate their sufficiency for complete instability properties of dynamical systems. While a "time-reversal" approach is frequently used to study instability in reverse time of an asymptotically stable point in forward time, we demonstrate via an example that such an approach cannot be used to generate Chetaev functions from nonsmooth Lyapunov functions via a simple change of sign in the time argument.

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