High-Order Sliding Mode Observer for Outflow Reconstruction in a Branched Pipeline

Héctor A. Fernández-Bobadilla, Cristina Verde1, Jaime A. Moreno2

  • 1Universidad Nacional Aut?noma de M?xico
  • 2Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico-UNAM



Invited Session


16:00 - 18:00 | Wed 22 Aug | Schackenborg | WeC6

Control, Supervision and Fault Diagnosis for Large Scale Water Infrastructures

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This paper introduces a novel technique to reconstruct unmeasured outflow rates in pipelines with two branches, where only input-output flow rate and pressure information is available, by using High-Order Sliding Mode Observers and by exploiting the stable nature of the physical operation point. The performance of the technique is tested through simulation and by using experimental data from a pilot pipeline. A comparison with a First-Order Sliding Mode Observer in a cascade scheme is also performed. The proposed approach is particularly useful for estimating unknown signals in stable systems, which possess the Strictly Linked Upper and Lower Hessenberg structure.

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