A Ring-Type Tactile Display with a Compact Pneumatic Drive Unit for a Laparoscopic Palpation System

Tomohiro Fukuda1, Yoshihiro Tanaka1, Michitaka Fujiwara2, Akihito Sano1

  • 1Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • 2Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine



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In this paper, we present a ring-type pneumatic tactile display for a laparoscopic palpation system that aims at intraoperative tumor detection. The display presents a pressure to the finger pad through a silicone rubber membrane, which is attached on the inner lower of the ring-type body. It has high applicability to surgical situations because it is lightweight, low-cost, disposable and sterilizable. We also developed a compact pneumatic drive unit that consists of a diaphragm pump and a voice coil motor and investigated pressure responses.

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