Comparison of Mixed Linear Complementarity Problem Solvers in Multibody Simulations with Contact

Andreas Enzenhofer1, Sheldon Andrews1, Marek Teichmann2, Jozsef Kovecses1

  • 1McGill University
  • 2CMLabs Simulations Inc



10:00 - 10:30 | Mon 25 Sep | Ballroom Foyer | MoAmPo

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The trade-off between accuracy and computational performance is one of the central conflicts in real-time multibody simulations in robotics, much of which can be attributed to the method used to solve the dynamic equations. This paper examines four mixed linear complementarity problem (MLCP) algorithms applied to physical problems with frictional contact. We consider several test cases such as grasping, stability of static models, closed loops, and long chains of bodies. The objective of this paper is to analyze the accuracy and performance of each solver.

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