Scaling down an Insect-Size Microrobot, HAMR-VI into HAMR-Jr

Kaushik Jayaram1, Jennifer Shum2, Sam Castellanos2, Elizabeth Farrell Helbling, Robert Wood2

  • 1University of Colorado Boulder
  • 2Harvard University


15:30 - 15:45 | Wed 3 Jun | Room T22 | WeC22.4

Session: Micro/Nano Robots II


Here, we present HAMR-Jr, a 22.5 mm, 320 mg quadrupedal microrobot. With eight independently actuated degrees of freedom, HAMR-Jr is, to our knowledge, the most mechanically dexterous legged robot at its scale and is capable of high-speed locomotion (13.91 bodylengths/s) at a variety of stride frequency (1-200 Hz) using multiple gaits. We achieved this using a design and fabrication process that is flexible, allowing scaling with minimum changes to our workflow. We further characterized HAMR-Jr’s open-loop locomotion and compared it with the larger scale HAMR-VI microrobot to demonstrate the effectiveness of scaling laws in predicting running performance.