A Portable Colorimetric Reader for Early and Rapid Diagnosis of Sepsis


12:15 - 14:15 | Wed 20 November | Upper Foyer Balcony | A1P-E.8

Session: [A1P-E] Poster Session - Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity 1

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Theme: Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity

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Current clinical identification of Septicemia includes culture-based methods that have a long turnaround time that adds delay to therapy. There is currently no point-of-care care (PoC) device that allows both rapid and early sepsis diagnosis by the bedside. In this paper, we present a portable colorimetric reader which can be used for rapid diagnosis of sepsis. The reader instrument’s hardware architecture and software algorithm are described. The repeatability and reproducibility Coefficient of Variation (CoV) was asserted under 9 %. The prototype instrument’s output is significantly correlated (R2 = 0.97 ) with plasma samples. The Septiflo colorimetric reader can be a very substantial step for the diagnosis of sepsis.