Prototyping and Initial Feasibility Study of Palpation Display Apparatus using Granular Jamming

Sakura Sikander1, Pradipta Biswas, Pankaj Kulkarni, Bradley Atwood, Sang-Eun Song1

  • 1University of Central Florida



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Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity


12:15 - 14:15 | Wed 20 Nov | Upper Foyer Balcony | A1P-E

Poster Session - Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity 1

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We designed a novel tactile display apparatus to facilitate medical palpation and early diagnosis of a possibly cancerous tumor to overcome the limitations of existing bulky systems. This paper introduces our first 3D printed soft prototype nodule. It encloses granular particles to physically simulate a lump under varying stiffness control. To support the design, we performed initial feasibility tests. A force-displacement graph was plotted to understand the behavior of the nodule. It is observed, under vacuum, particles are jammed together resulting in much higher stiffness compared to the normal condition where particles inside are not jammed leading to lesser stiffness.

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