Scoring System for Conditioning and Wellness Assessment in Athletic Population

Babak Moatamed1, Sajad Darabi1, Majid Sarrafzadeh

  • 1University of California Los Angeles

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Athletic performance is multifaceted, and it isaffected by a wide range of factors. Athletes and coaches areinterested in collecting as much data as possible to provideinsight into performance and training effectiveness. However,it can be difficult for athletes to identify a relationship betweenthese factors and their performance, and even more difficultfor a coach who may be responsible for monitoring dozens ofmetrics in dozens of athletes. Here we outline an approach forcondensing a range of wellness factors into a single score, aswell as a method for condensing jump height consistency andimprovement into a separate performance score. These scoringsystems allow for wellness and performance to be evaluated ata glance, allowing for early intervention to reduce injury, anunderstanding of performance, and effective training.

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