State of the Art in Strategies Allowing the Integration of a Shared EVs Service and the Active Participation of EVs with the Power Network

Semaria Ruiz1, Jairo Espinosa 2

  • 1Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • 2Universidad Nacional de Colombia



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09:10 - 10:30 | Wed 16 Oct | Amazonas | W1-1

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Nowadays, the use of Electric vehicles (EVs) in public transportation systems, as the car-sharing schemes, is growing as this practice offers an option to mitigate the impacts generated by the massive use of self-owned vehicles based on fossil fuels. However, the implementation of the electric car-sharing schemes still have some changes that need to be addressed, such as limitations in regulations and the low-profit margins that can be achieved by the fleet operator. Hence, in this paper, it is proposed an additional income source for the EVs fleet operators: providing energy or ancillary services to the electric grid. This paper presents the state of the art in the strategies that will allow this bidirectional power exchanging between the shared EVs and the power network and set the required changes in the charging/discharging management strategies applied to conventional EVs to make them suitable for the shared EV.

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