Controllable Reference Trajectory Applied to Batch Process Control

César Augusto Gómez Pérez1, Lina María Gómez Echavarria1

  • 1Universidad Nacional de Colombia



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09:10 - 10:30 | Wed 16 Oct | Amazonas | W1-1

Process control

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Batch Process (BP) control in literature is performed using PID and MPC with trajectory tracking. Generally, the control trajectories are obtained from an optimization problem that looks for the batch time minimization. Some authors have found that this kind of trajectories has a negative effect on control performance. Using some definitions from set theory it is possible to design a Controllable Reference Trajectory (CRT) for BPs control. CRT has more available input variables obtaining a better control performance. Nevertheless, it has an impact in productivity. This work shows the implementation of the CRT using different control strategies in order to compare with classic paradigm of minimum time reference trajectory. Control performance improved by the CRT application.

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