Ad-hocChain: Cooperative Sharing and Trading Infrastrucure for Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

Andrew Cullen1, Pietro Ferraro1, Giovanni Russo2, Robert Shorten

  • 1University College Dublin
  • 2IBM Research Ireland



Regular Session


11:00 - 12:00 | Mon 28 Oct | Gallery Room 1 | MoC-T9

Regular Session on Electric Vehicles and Mobility (I)

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In this paper we describe a system for extending existing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The system described allows multiple vehicles to connect to a single public charge point socket and share its capacity. This system builds upon earlier work, with additional hardware for interfacing with public charge points and an additional, cryptocurrency based trading layer for more advanced functionality. We additionally develop a cooperative framework for sharing of charge points. A case study is provided to validate the efficacy of our approach.

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