Input-Output Properties of the Power Grid's Swing Dynamics: Dependence on Network Parameters

Kasra Koorehdavoudi1, Sandip Roy1, Thibault Prevost2, Florent Xavier3, Patrick Panciatici, Vaithiananthan Venkatasubramanian1

  • 1Washington State University
  • 2RTE
  • 3RTE, French TSO



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10:30 - 12:30 | Mon 19 Aug | Lau, 5-205 | MoA3

Power and Energy Systems

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The design of wide-area controllers for the bulk power grid requires characterization of input-output channels in swing-dynamics models.However, the large variability in operating conditions in the modern grid makes the evaluation of channel transfer properties challenging.In this study, we examine how transfer functions in the classical swing dynamics model depend on network model parameters (the topology of line susceptances, generator inertias, dampings) and the channel location, focusing particularly on determining conditions under which the transfer function is guaranteed to be minimum phase or conversely nonminimum phase. In particular, graph-theoretic conditions as well as numerical bounds on network model parameters are obtained, that either preserve minimum-phase dynamics or yield nonminimum-phase behaviors.

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