An Improved Object Detection Method for Mitosis Detection

Haijun Lei1, Shaomin Liu2, Hai Xie2, Baiying Lei2

  • 1ShenZhen University
  • 2Shenzhen University



Oral Session


08:30 - 10:00 | Wed 24 Jul | M1 - Level 3 | WeA09

Data-Driven Model Construction

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Breast cancer grading is important for patient prognosis, and the mitosis count is one of the most important indicators for breast cancer grading. Traditional methods use handcraft features and deep learning based methods to detect mitosis in a classified model. These methods are time-consuming and difficult for practical clinical practice application. For this reason, this paper proposes an improved object detection method for automatic mitosis detection from histological images. First, we use a convolutional neural network (CNN) to automatically extract mitosis features. Then, we use the region proposed network (RPN) to locate a set of class-agnostic mitosis proposals. Finally, we use the improved R-CNN subnet to screen for mitosis from these proposals. Our approach achieved the best results in the ICPR2012 mitosis detection competition test dataset. Additionally, our proposed method is fast enough to be potentially used in clinical and health centers.

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