Beta Oscillation-Targeted Neurofeedback Training Based on Subthalamic LFPs in Parkinsonian Patients

Shenghong He1, Emilie Syed2, Flavie Torrecillos1, Gerd Tinkhauser1, Petra Fischer1, Alek Pogosyan1, Erlick Pereira3, Keyoumars Ashkan4, Harutomo Hasegawa4, Peter Brown1, Huiling Tan1

  • 1University of Oxford
  • 2University of Bordeaux 2, MAC, CNRS 5227
  • 3Neurosurgery and Consultant Neurosurgeon St George's University
  • 4Department of Neurosurgery, King's College Hospital



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Increased oscillatory activities in the beta frequency band (13-30 Hz) in the subthalamic nucleus (STN), and in particular prolonged episodes of increased synchrony in this frequency band, have been associated with motor symptoms such as bradykinesia and rigidity in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Numerous studies have investigated sensorimotor cortical beta oscillations either as a control signal for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) or as target signal for neurofeedback training (NFB). However, it still remains unknown whether patients with PD can gain control of the pathological oscillations recorded from a subcortical site – the STN – with neurofeedback training. We tried to address this question in the current study. Specifically, we designed a simple basketball game, in which the position of a basketball changes based on the occurrence of events of temporally increased beta power quantified in real-time. Participants practised in the game to control the position of the basketball, which requires modulation of the beta oscillations recorded from STN local field potentials (LFPs). Our results suggest that it is possible to use neurofeedback training for PD patients to downregulate pathological beta oscillations in STN LFPs, and that this can lead to a reduction of beta oscillations in the cortical-STN motor network.

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