Hybrid NMPC Applied to a Solar-Powered Membrane Distillation System

Juan Diego Gil1, Paulo Mendes2, Gustavo Artur De Andrade2, Lidia Roca3, Julio Elias Normey-rico4, Manuel Berenguel5

  • 1Universidad de Almería
  • 2Federal University of Santa Catarina
  • 3CIEMAT - Plataforma Solar deAlmería
  • 4Federal Univ of Santa Catarina
  • 5University of Almeria



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This work proposes a hybrid control strategy for the optimal operation of a solar membrane distillation facility. This kind of plants presents a hybrid nature allowing their operation in several modes, which must be properly selected according to the operating conditions. Thus, the control algorithm is based on a mixed logical dynamical characterization of the solar membrane distillation facility, combined with the application of a practical nonlinear model predictive control strategy for calculating the optimal control actions. The main objectives of the control system are to increase the operating temperature and the distillate production of the membrane distillation module, as well as the number of operational hours. For these goals, the control algorithm has to select the most appropriate operating mode and the optimal operating points in terms of water ow rate at each sampling time. Simulation results are presented for evidencing the benefits of the proposed control approach.

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