Measurement of Heart Rate through Handgrip

Tianyi Wang1, Hieyong Jeong1, Yuko Ohno

  • 1Osaka University



Late Breaking Abstract (Poster)


18:15 - 20:15 | Mon 5 Mar | Caribbean ABC | MoPO.7

Poster Session # 1 and BSN Innovative Health Technology Demonstrations


Driver's behaviors such as poor steering patterns and drowsy driving at the steering wheel have been recognized as main courses of traffic accidents. Little researches focused on how drivers hold the steering wheel and previous studies had not addressed cableless or noninvasive approach to measure heart rate during driving from handgrip. In this research we proposed a basic study on measuring handgrip patterns, strength and heart rate with flexible pressure sensor. Six volunteers were asked to steer a cylinder bar with six different handgrip patterns and steer still for 60 seconds. Handgrip patterns were identified with video camera, hand pressure strength was calibrated using linear regression, heart rata was calculated using band pass filter and crosschecked by gold standard system. According to experiment results, pressure sensor can clearly perform handgrip patterns and can be used to calculate handgrip strength, heart rate detection showed high accuracy (97%) compared with gold standard system. It was concluded that proposed method in our research showed high application for measuring driver behaviors and hand potential to detecting drowsy driving.

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