Integrated Smart Home System: Detection of Unseen Wellness Parameter in the Activity of Daily Livings of an Elderly for Well-Being Monitoring and Anomaly Discovery

Hemant Ghayvat, Wei Chen



Special/Invited Session 1-Page Paper


11:20 - 12:50 | Mon 5 Mar | Treasure Island E | MoBT2

BHI Special Session # 2 – Intelligent Wellness Sensing


The research study aims to understand the research gap and develop a smart aging solution based on ambient assisted living (AAL) and smart home. The smart aging framework is an integrated platform based on wireless sensors and network (WSN). The smart home system records the sensor activations from the activity of daily living (ADL) based on usage of household objects, movements inside the home and physiological parameters. This proposed system mainly targets rehabilitation and elders care. Wellness Protocol will produce behavioral pattern generation through activities of daily livings and physiological parameters. Ultimately this focuses on the context-aware scenario via wearable and non-wearable sensing units.

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