Integrative System of Virtual Electronic Health Record with Online Community-Based Health Determinant Data for Home Care Service: Mhealth Development and Usability Test

Waraporn Boonchieng1, Ekkarat Boonchieng1, Wilawan Tuanrat1, Chatchai Khuntichot1, Khanita Duangchaemkarn1

  • 1Chiang Mai University



4-Page Contributed Papers (Poster)


12:00 - 13:45 | Mon 6 Nov | Auditorium Foyer, E1/E2, Upper Atrium Space | MLunch_Break

Lunch, Posters and POC Technologies Demonstrations – Session I


Home care service is an important sector of public health service in Thailand. It is necessary that home healthcare team needed to access patient past medical history to improve the overall quality of the service. However, the limitation of current electronics health record (EHR) system, patient medical record is unable to access outside the healthcare setting. We developed a virtual electronic health record and integrated it into the community-based health determinant data system which is containing health-related determinant information range from district level down to individual level, based on the location of their household. The aim of this project is to develop an integrated system that can reconcile the medical history from the hospital to provide intuitive information for the home healthcare team. According to this objective, transmission control protocol and internet protocol (TCP/IP) architecture was designed and developed. Different independent databases are connected using mobile communication platform (mHealth). User authorization requires to retrieve the individual clinical information from virtual EHR. The evaluation of mHealth application based on usability tests and feasibility studies on effectiveness, efficacy, and satisfaction for home healthcare providers.

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