Encased Cantilevers and Spiral Scanning: Advances in Probe Design and Scan Algorithms for Gentle High Speed Imaging

Paul Ashby1

  • 1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



Invited Papers (Oral)


11:00 - 12:30 | Tue 25 Jul | Grand Ballroom #5 | TuW2SPM

Workshop: Scanning Probe Microscopy, Beyond Topography II

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Scanned Probe Microscopy excels at nondestructively probing samples in-situ with high resolution. However, it has been plagued with very poor temporal resolution and insufficient spatial resolution to probe molecular details when operating in liquid. In my group we have extended the boundaries of SPM characterization by developing new probes for liquid environments that give an order of magnitude higher sensitivity. Encased cantilevers use a hydrophobic encasement to trap an air bubble around the cantilever and reduce damping while keeping the sample hydrated increasing sensitivity and resolution. We have also developed spiral scan algorithms that enable higher frame rates on large scanners providing the flexibility of large scan areas with near video rate imaging speeds.

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