Influence of EEG Tonic Changes on Motor Imagery Performance

Mauro Nascimben • Yu-Kai Wang • Avinash Kumar Singh • Jung-Tai King • Chin-Teng Lin

11:30 - 13:30 | Friday 26 May 2017 | Emerald III, Rose, Narcissus & Jasmine



In Motor Imagery literature, performance predictors are commonly divided in four categories: personal, psychological, anatomical and neurophysiological. However these predictors are limited to inter-subjects changes. To overcome this limitation and evaluate intra-subjects performance, we tried to combine two groups of these measures: psychological and neurophysiological. As neurophysiological variables tonic changes in resting EEG theta and alpha sub-bands were considered. As psychological parameter we analyzed internalized attention and its correlates in lower alpha. We found that when internalized attention doesn't decrease, Motor Imagery performance outcome can be correctly predicted by resting EEG tonic variations.