A Virtual Paper Model of a Three Piece Brassiere Cup to Improve the Efficiency of Cup Design Process

Hidefumi Wakamatsu1, Eiji Morinaga2, Eiji Arai3, Takahiro Kubo4

  • 1Grad. School of Eng., Osaka Univ.
  • 2Osaka University
  • 3Graduate School of Eng., Osaka Univ.
  • 4Wacoal Holdings Corp.



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11:30 - 12:45 | Tue 30 May | Room 4813/4913 | TUB11

Design and Manufacturing

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A method is proposed to predict the shape of a paper model of a three piece brassiere cup, which consists of several cloth and wire parts. Currently, the shape of each part is determined by creating a paper model and then refining the model. This process is repeated until the desired shape is achieved. However, predicting the 3D shape with a simulation would improve design efficiency. As a model is made of paper, each part is assumed to be inextensible and its surface is represented as combination of developable surfaces. The potential energy of a cup and geometric constraints imposed on the cup are formulated by use of the normal curvature and the direction of a generatrix of each developable surface. Minimizing the potential energy under geometric constraints derives a stable shape of the cup model. The computed shape of the virtual paper model coincided with the measured shape of a real paper model qualitatively.

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