WRAP: Wearable, Restricted-Aperture Pneumatics for Haptic Guidance

Michael Raitor1, Julie Walker1, Allison Okamura1, Heather Culbertson1

  • 1Stanford University



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09:55 - 11:10 | Tue 30 May | Room 4613/4713 | TUA8

Haptics and Haptic Interfaces

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Wearable haptic feedback devices for virtual reality, human-robot interaction, and motion guidance require lightweight actuators that display clearly discernible cues to the user. These goals motivate the design of WRAP, a wearable, pneumatically actuated haptic feedback device. WRAP displays a variety of tactile sensations to the user by inflating a thermoplastic pneumatic actuator in direct contact with the skin. This paper describes the design and construction of WRAP, shows its effectiveness in indicating direction cues to users, and demonstrates two other applications for WRAP in image-guided medical interventions and human-computer interaction. Users were able to identify translation and rotation cues from WRAP with 99.4% accuracy. Our results suggest that WRAP is suitable for a variety of wearable and portable applications in which direction cues are beneficial.

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