Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination for Dynamic Perimeter Surveillance in Uncertain Environments

Alexander Jahn1, Reza Javanmard Alitappeh2, David Julian Saldana3, Luciano Pimenta4, André G. Santos5, Mario Montenegro Campos4

  • 1RWTH Aachen
  • 2Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais
  • 3University of Pennsylvania
  • 4Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • 5Federal University of Viçosa



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09:55 - 11:10 | Tue 30 May | Room 4511/4512 | TUA5

Multi-Robot Systems 1

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In this work, multiple robots circulate around the boundary of a desired region in order to create a virtual fence. The aim of the this fence is to avoid internal or external agents crossing through the delimited area. In this paper, we propose a distributed technique that allows a team of robots to plan the deformation of the boundary shape in order to escort the safe region from one place to a goal. Our proposal is composed of two parts. First, we present a distributed planning method for the dynamic boundary. We model the resulting plan as a twice differentiable function. Second, we use the obtained function to guide the robot team, where every member uses only local information for the controller. The robots distribute themselves along the time-varying perimeter and patrol around it. We show in simulation how the robots behave in partially/totally unknown environments with static obstacles.

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