Coding for Caching in 5G Networks

Antonia Tulino1

  • 1Bell Labs and Federico II



Invited talks


14:00 - 16:00 | Wed 15 Mar | Main Room | S1

Random matrix theory and statistical physics in the analysis and design of MIMO systems

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This talk focuses on the crucial role of coding to efficiently exploit the multicast nature of the wireless channel to deliver multimedia services to wireless users that rarely access the same content at the same time nor experience the same channel conditions. The first part of the talk provides a comprehensive look at recent advances on the combined use of wireless caching and coded multicasting to simultaneously serve multiple unicast demands via common multicast transmissions, including practical implementation issues related to communication and computation overhead, heterogeneous channel conditions, and varying content popularity. The second part of the talk addresses the delivery of future personalized media services, in which exact cache hits are almost non-existent, and it is shown that network cached information can still be useful as references for network compression.

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