Synchronizing Physiological Data and Video in a Telemedicine Application: A Multimedia Approach

Andrea Pinna, Khalil Hachicha, Laurent Lambert, Patrick Garda, Syed Zahid Ahmed



Contributed papers (Oral)


10. Healthcare Information Systems; Telemedicine


08:30 - 10:00 | Wed 26 Aug | Amber 5 | 10.1



Several medical examinations require that multiple modalities of exams are stored in a synchronized manner. For instance, an EEG exam needs that several physiological signals along with video of the exam are acquired synchronously to aid the neurophysiologists to perform their diagnostics. Furthermore support for telemedicine for such exams have become important in recent years. The existing EDF standard that is used for physiological signals makes it difficult to provide integrated support of adding video and compressed component data, however due to widespread use of EDF standard in the domain, cross compatibility with EDF standard for physiological data is also essential. We present in this work a novel idea to solve these issues. Our approach uses standard multimedia containers in which physiological data are embedded alongside video and audio. This paper provides our analyses of the state of the art of multimedia containers EDF, AVI, ASF, MPEG and MKV and their potentials for a telemedicine application and outlines how MKV stands out as an interesting option in this regard, allowing also capability of compression of physiological data if needed.

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