The Polydisperse Acoustic Signature of Rigid Microbubbles

Aris Dermitzakis, David Thomas, Mairead Butler, Vassilis Sboros1

  • 1Heriot-Watt University



Contributed papers (Oral)


02. Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing


08:30 - 10:00 | Wed 26 Aug | Amber 3 | 2.1

Novel Ultrasound Imaging Method I


Microbubbles are used in medical ultrasound imaging as contrast agents to image the vascular bed under the mode of Ultrasound Contrast Imaging (UCI). The microbubble shell determines the acoustic response and hence the signal that is utilized to form the images in UCI. Single microbubble signals from BiSphereTM (POINT Biomedical, San Carlos, CA, USA) microbubbles were captured using a clinical ultrasound system. Three main typical responses of microbubbles were identified, a) full duration echo, b) echo with duration shorter than the incident pulse and c) echo that in part resembles that in (b) and in addition prior to that another short duration initial lower amplitude signal. These data corroborate that the shell structural and nanomechanical property provide the different responses at different microbubble sizes. These different signals present an opportunity for tracking the movement of well differentiated single microbubbles particularly with novel super-resolution imaging methods that require sparse microbubble populations.

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