P2O-Calib: Camera-LiDAR Calibration Using Point-Pair Spatial Occlusion Relationship

Su Wang1, Shini Zhang2, Xuchong Qiu1

  • 1Bosch
  • 2Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


09:36 - 09:42 | Mon 2 Oct | 331ABC | MoAT18.12

Session: Calibration and Identification

10:00 - 11:30 | Mon 2 Oct | Hall E - Track 18 | MoAIP-18.12

Session: Calibration and Identification


The accurate and robust calibration result of sensors is considered as an important building block to the follow-up research in the autonomous driving and robotics domain. The current works involving extrinsic calibration between 3D LiDARs and monocular cameras mainly focus on target-based and target-less methods. The target-based methods are often utilized offline because of restrictions, such as additional target design and target placement limits. The current target-less methods suffer from feature indeterminacy and feature mismatching in various environments. To alleviate these limitations, we propose a novel target-less calibration approach that is based on the 2D-3D edge point extraction using the occlusion relationship in 3D space. Based on the extracted 2D-3D point pairs, we further propose an occlusion-guided point-matching method that improves the calibration accuracy and reduces computation costs. To validate the effectiveness of our approach, we evaluate the method performance qualitatively and quantitatively on real images from the KITTI dataset. The results demonstrate that our method outperforms the existing target-less methods and achieves low error and high robustness that can contribute to the practical applications relying on high-quality Camera-LiDAR calibration.