Automatic Tool for Gazebo World Construction: From a Grayscale Image to a 3D Solid Model

Bulat Abbyasov1, Roman Lavrenov1, Aufar Zakiev1, Konstantin Yakovlev2, Mikhail Svinin3, Evgeni Magid1

  • 1Kazan Federal University
  • 2Federal Research Center for Computer Science and Control of Russ
  • 3Ritsumeikan University


14:45 - 15:00 | Tue 2 Jun | Room T24 | TuC24.1

Session: Simulation and Animation


Robot simulators provide an easy way for evaluation of new concepts and algorithms in a simulated physical environment reducing development time and cost. Therefore it is convenient to have a tool that quickly creates a 3D landscape from an arbitrary 2D image or 2D laser range finder data. This paper presents a new tool that automatically constructs such landscapes for Gazebo simulator. The tool converts a grayscale image into a 3D Collada format model, which could be directly imported into Gazebo. We run three different simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms within three varying complexity environments that were constructed with our tool. A real-time factor (RTF) was used as an efficiency benchmark. Successfully completed SLAM missions with acceptable RTF levels demonstrated the efficiency of the tool. The source code is available for free academic use.