Improving Robotic Cooking Using Batch Bayesian Optimization

Kai Junge1, Josie Hughes1, Thomas George Thuruthel2, Fumiya Iida1

  • 1University of Cambridge
  • 2University College London


10:15 - 10:30 | Mon 1 Jun | Room T19 | MoA19.5

Session: Human-Centered Robotics I


With advances in the field of robotic manipulation, sensing and machine learning, robotic chefs are expected to become prevalent in our kitchens and restaurants. Robotic chefs are envisioned to replicate human skills in order to reduce the burden of the cooking process. However, the potential of robots as a means to enhance the dining experience is unrecognised. This work introduces the concept of food quality optimization and its challenges with an automated omelette cooking robotic system. The design and control of the robotic system that uses general kitchen tools is presented first. Next, we investigate new optimization strategies for improving subjective food quality rating, a problem challenging because of the qualitative nature of the objective and strongly constrained number of function evaluations possible. Our results show that through appropriate design of the optimization routine using Batch Bayesian Optimization, improvements in the subjective evaluation of food quality can be achieved reliably, with very few trials and with the ability for bulk optimization. This study paves the way towards a broader vision of personalized food for taste-and-nutrition and transferable recipes.