A Time-Varying Convex Lyapunov Function Approach for Dynamic Output Feedback Hoo Control of Switched Linear Systems

Helder R. Daiha1, Grace S. Deaecto2

  • 1School of Mechanical Engineering, UNICAMP


10:00 - 10:20 | Wed 11 December | Rhodes CD | WeA17.1

Session: [WeA17] Switched Systems I

Category: Regular Session

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This paper provides novel sufficient conditions, based on a time-varying convex Lyapunov function, for the co-design of an output feedback switching rule and a full order switched dynamic controller in order to preserve exponential stability and assure a suitable upper bound for the Hoo performance index. The conditions are described in terms of linear matrix inequalities, being simpler to handle from theoretical and numerical viewpoints compared to other methods available in the literature. Experimental results concerning the control of an active suspension are used to validate the theory and to show the efficiency of the proposed methodology.