NovelDx – A Portable, Inexpensive and Rapid Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics System

Andrea Pais1, Rohan Pais1, Hamdi Joda1

  • 1Novel Microdevices LLC


12:30 - 14:30 | Thu 21 Nov | Room E1&2 | B1P-A.11

Session: Technology Demonstrations

Category: Poster Session
Theme: Technology Demonstration Showcase


We have demonstrated feasibility and are commercializing a product line that addresses a high need, under-represented test category → rapid point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics (MDx). The core technology addresses the ~$20 Billion global market for infectious disease diagnostics. Our launch product is an inexpensive, CLIA-waived, ultra-portable, rapid molecular diagnostic test for Chlamydia (CT) and Gonorrhea (NG) two of the most common curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) globally. The test can be completed in under 30 minutes thereby enabling clinicians to make immediate and informed antibiotic treatment decisions at the point of care.