Early Detection and Prediction of COPD Exacerbation by an Algorithm Driven Rapid Immunoassay

Andrew Wheeler1

  • 1Mologic Inc


12:30 - 14:30 | Thu 21 November | Room E1&2 | B1P-A.10

Session: [B1P-A] Technology Demonstrations

Category: Poster Session
Theme: Technology Demonstration Showcase

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Mologic will present a late development stage rapid immunoassay that can detect an exacerbation in chronic COPD patients up to 9 days in advance of clinical signs / symptoms. The assay is configured for home use with a urine sample, pregnancy test style format and an easy to use reader / smart phone application connected to the Cloud. Host immune response biomarkers have been shown to play an important role in inflammation and infection driven COPD. Mologic’s test combines routine home monitoring by simultaneous quantitative measurement of multiple host immune biomarkers and an advanced statistics-based algorithm. The test will monitor the exacerbation status of a COPD patient, giving the patient time to change behavior and seek treatment prior to clinical signs and symptoms which will lessen the tremendous burden COPD places on the health care system.