12:30 - 14:30 | Thu 21 November | Room E1&2 | B1P-A.6

Session: [B1P-A] Technology Demonstrations

Category: Poster Session
Theme: Technology Demonstration Showcase

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EnLiSense's Wearable SWEASTSENSER Dx platform is a continuous monitoring wearable system for the detection of multiple biomarkers, does not require stimulation of the sweat glands, and can measure biomarkers expressed in sweat in highly variable ambient environments. SWEASTSENSER Dx being 100% non-invasive (i.e. no needles, no punctures, no pain) has no anticipated medical risks or safety issues to the wearer. Such a solution does not currently exist in market and EnLiSense pioneering efforts in Sweat based wearable diagnostics makes the proposed solution a paradigm shift in Point-of-Care Technologies. In this technology demonstration we will be showing a working prototype device system, real-time monitoring and measurement reporting, and other capabilities of the platform.