Towards a Quantitative Colorimeter for Point-of-Care Nitrite Detection

Vince Siu1, Minhua Lu2, Kierstyn Raines, Youssef Asaad, Ali Afzali-Ardakani, Russell Budd

  • 1IBM T.J. Watson Research
  • 2IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


12:15 - 14:15 | Wed 20 November | Upper Foyer Balcony | A1P-E.12

Session: [A1P-E] Poster Session - Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity 1

Category: Poster Session
Theme: Early Detection of Disease or Toxicity

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This paper reports on a low-cost, quantitative, point-of-care solution for early detection of urinary nitrite, a common biomarker for urinary tract infection. The portable, handheld transmission-based colorimeter is controlled by a smartphone application via bluetooth. Nitrite is detected from 0.78 uM to 200 uM. The colorimeter is 32X more sensitive than commercial dipstick analyzers. While detection of nitrite was showcased here, this portable analyzer can be applied to other biomarkers and chemistries using colorimetric-based methods.