Integrated Point-of-Care Device for Anemia Detection and Hemoglobin Variants Identification

Umut A. Gurkan1, Ran An1, Muhammad Noman Hasan1, Yuncheng Man

  • 1Case Western Reserve University

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Anemia affects ~2 billion people worldwide. Anemia has numerous causes including nutritional deficiencies, drugs, chronic conditions and primary hematologic diseases. Among those causes, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and Thalassemia are the 3rd most prevalent. Anemia and SCD monitoring are challenging in low and middle income countries due to lack of laboratory infrastructure, skilled personnel or resources. We extended our established HemeChip system to add total hemoglobin quantification and anemia testing capability. HemeChip+ is mass-producible at low cost and offers the first and only single test point-of-care platform for portable, affordable, and accurate, hemoglobin quantification, anemia detection, and hemoglobin variant identification.

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