Fast Model Predictive Control on a Smartphone-based Flight Controller

Luis Eduardo García Linares1, Alejandro Astudillo2, Esteban Rosero1

  • 1Universidad del Valle
  • 2MECO Research Team, KU Leuven

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Several attempts have been made to execute control of a system using only a smartphone's processor running computationally inexpensive algorithms such as PID, LQR or H-infinity controllers. This paper presents design and implementation of model predictive controllers on a smartphone using the numerical optimization framework CasADi. To evaluate this framework's performance (and compare its results with those from a Java library JOptimizer’s deployment) the implemented model predictive control algorithm was subjected to simulations of running a quadrotor control system on a smartphone. It attained a tracking error of 0.0693 m. These evaluation results open the possibility of implementing more computationally expensive algorithms on a smartphone's processor including online or real time usage.

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