Driving a 3 DOF Robotic Manipulator with Protected Data through Industrial Communication using Master-Slave Architecture

Hugo Torres1, Claudio Urrea2, John Kern3

  • 1Unversidad del Azuay
  • 2Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • 3USACH



Regular Session


09:10 - 10:30 | Wed 16 Oct | Andino | W4-1


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Design, implementation and assessment of an error tolerant industrial communications based on master/slave architecture applied to a 3 DOF manipulator robot. Algorithms for implementing communication between coding and decoding systems based on Hamming code (7.4) are developed. Communication tests are developed using the Python minimal Modbus and Modbus-tk libraries. The implementation of the communication hardware between the coding, decoding and 3 DOF manipulator robot are presented, using pcDuino and expander Pi cards.

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