Multiarea Secondary Voltage Regulation with Optimal Shunt Elements Coordinated Maneuvers

Juan Pablo Viana Villa1, V. Palacio2, M. Sánchez2, Jairo Espinosa 3

  • 1Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • 2XM SA ESP
  • 3Universidad Nacional de Colombia



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09:10 - 10:30 | Wed 16 Oct | Pacífico | W3-1

Power systems

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This paper presents a power system Secondary Voltage Regulation (SVC) strategy which aims to find the optimal position of shunt capacitors and shunt reactors available within a control area to lead the bus voltages to a predefined profile. An influence-based partitioning method is proposed, the buses are grouped according to their voltage sensitivity to the reactive power injected by controllable devices, a hierarchical clustering method is used for this purpose. The resulting optimization problem of each area is accelerated using a state independent linearization of the power flow equations. The proposed methodologies are applied to the Colombian - Ecuadorian power systems achieving a reduction of voltage deviation of one of the resulting areas after a disturbance.

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