Second-Order Consensus for Decentralized Transferred Power Deviation Control

Silvana Gamboa1, Jackeline Abad Torres2, Eduardo A. Orduña3

  • 1EPN
  • 2Escuela Politecnica Nacional



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11:00 - 12:20 | Fri 18 Oct | Orinoco | F2-2

Power systems

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This paper presents a decentralized control of the generator's internal angle for the removal of power deviation in transmission lines in an interconnected power system. This scheme incorporates the integral of the transferred power deviation through the lines as part of the governor's control reference. The use of this signal produces a system response that is mathematically comparable to a second-order consensus which acts as a coupling law between the generators' angle deviations that forces consensus. Mathematical results are presented for a linearized model whilst simulation results are produced for a non-linear model of the power system.

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