Implementation of a Telerobotic System Based on the Kinect Sensor for the Inclusion of People with Physical Disabilities in the Industrial Sector

Andrés Auquilla1, Hugo Torres2, Omar Alvarado1, John Kern3, Pablo A. Sari1

  • 1Universidad del Azuay
  • 2Unversidad del Azuay
  • 3USACH



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09:10 - 10:30 | Wed 16 Oct | Orinoco | W2-1

Applied control for robots

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This article describes the design and implementation of a telerobotic system through the Kinect sensor for the inclusion of people with physical disabilities in the industrial environment. For the development of the system, a master slave architecture was used and the communication was made wirelessly using the HC-05 module that uses a Bluetooth v2.0 protocol, for the movement of the servomotors of the 4 OFD manipulator and Arduino board was used. The validation of the system was carried out by performing a manual and an automatic process by a group of people who manipulated the robot by hand gestures.

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