Fixed-point based hierarchic MPC control architecture

Mazen Alamir 1

  • 1Gipsa-lab





16:30 - 18:30 | Tue 15 Oct | Orinoco | Tu2-2

Workshop 3

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A simple, general, scalable and provably stable hierarchical control framework is presented that enables to handle the case of destabilizing interconnections through state
and/or control signals. Moreover, it offers the possibility to simply change the behavior of the overall system (depending on the context) by only changing the coordinator problem's parameters without changing the set of local controllers used by subsystems which is a common industrial requirement regarding industrial control architectures. Finally, the proposed scheme enables a smooth operator handover on a specific subsystem and/or actuator. Although MPC is used as a support for all the local controllers, the scheme can be adapted to any family (including heterogeneous family) of local controllers network which is very promising for a large scale industrial acceptance and application. The whole scheme is illustrated and experimentally validated through the interconnection of the Joule-Thomson and the Brayton cycle stages of a cryogenic refrigerator.

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