An Overflowing Passengers Transfer Model for Metro Congestion Relieving Using Customized Bus

Tenglong Hao1, Qi Zhang1, Panyu Gao1, Bailin Huang1, Beiye Liang1, Xiying Li1

  • 1Sun Yat-sen University School of Intelligent Systems Engineering


11:30 - 11:45 | Mon 28 October | The Great Room III | MoC-T4.3

Session: Special Session on Smart Railways (I)

Category: Special Session


Abstract— With the development of the city, the volume of metro passengers has been rising during the peak period, and the metro congestion problem has become increasingly serious. How to alleviate the “jam of metro” has become a major concern in many metropolises. Considering that the capacity of the metro is limited, this paper proposes to use customized bus(CB) to share the passenger pressure of the metro to reduce the congestion. Based on the data of the passengers’ metro cards, we will reconstruct the operation situation of the metro for a whole day, so as to find out the “overflowing passengers(OP)” beyond the capacity of the metro, then generate a CB departure plan. In this way, it can relieve the pressure of the metro during the peak period and save passengers' travel time. It can meanwhile guarantee the demand source of CB, which provides a new way for CB route design. Finally, the experiment is conducted on the basis of the real metro card data of Guangzhou City. The results show that the reconstructed metro operation is in line with the actual situation (86.58%), and the effect of relieving congestion is also very significant within 7:00-9:30. The total travel time of all passengers decreased by 23,541.6 hrs.