Evaluation Method of Passenger Pressure State in Metro Hub Based on AFC Data

Tu Qiang1, Zhang Xiaodong1, Zhang Yu1

  • 1Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning &Design



Special Session


11:00 - 12:00 | Mon 28 Oct | The Great Room III | MoC-T4

Special Session on Smart Railways (I)

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The metro hub of large city is the main collecting and distributing center of passengers in urban rail transit, with high hidden danger of passenger flow congestion. The purpose of the paper is to propose an evaluation method of passenger pressure state in metro hub based on AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) data. Firstly, drawing on the concept of PSR (Press-State-Response) framework to build the index of passenger flow saturation, the passenger flows and capacity of facilities in the metro hub was calculated based on AFC data and survey data to extract the index, and the evaluation of passenger pressure state at bottleneck position was realized. Secondly, based on the saturation of passenger flow, the objective weight of each bottleneck position was determined by entropy weight method and the comprehensive evaluation model of passenger pressure state in the metro hub was established. Finally, based on AFC data of Dongzhimen metro hub within a week in Beijing, passenger pressure states of bottleneck positions and overall metro hub were evaluated respectively, to verify the effectiveness of the method.

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