New Disruption Risk Management Perspectives in Supply Chains: Digital Twins, the Ripple Effect, and Resileanness

Dmitry Ivanov1, Alexandre Dolgui2

  • 1Berlin School of Economics and Law
  • 2IMT Atlantique



Open Invited Track


11:00 - 12:28 | Wed 28 Aug | 109 | WeAT17

Supply Chain Risk Management - I

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This paper aims at delineating major features of the two new perspectives in supply chain (SC) disruption risk management, i.e., ripple effect and resileanness. The methodologies to mitigate the SC disruptions and recover in case of severe disruptions are discussed. It observes the reasons and miti-gation strategies for the ripple effect in the SC and presents the ripple effect control framework that is comprised of redundancy, flexibility, and resilience. Even though a variety of valuable insights has been developed in the given area in recent years, new research avenues and ripple effect taxon-omies are identified for the near future. The special focus is directed towards the supply chain risk analytics for disruption risks and the ripple effect in digital supply chains. In particular, the digital SC twin framework is presented.

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