Modeling Multi-Item Inventory Problem under Type-2 Fuzzy Demand

Yanan Li1

  • 1Beijing University of Chemical Technology



Invited Session


11:00 - 12:28 | Wed 28 Aug | 017 | WeAT8

Decision-Making in Logistics and Supply Chains

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In this paper, a type-2 fuzzy optimization method is applied to a multi-item inventory problem. Firstly, with mean reduction methods, we discuss the expected value of type-2 fuzzy variable under common possibility distributions. According to the mean reductions of the type-2 fuzzy demands, we build a fuzzy expected stockout inventory model. Subsequently, when the demands are comonotonic type-2 fuzzy variables, we discuss the equivalent forms for the proposed model. Finally, we provide a numerical experiment to illustrate the modeling idea and the efficiency of the inventory model.

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