Implementation of an Open-Loop Turn Circle Intercept Controller

Addison Schwamb1, Lynnae Frisco2, Pavlos Androulakakis3, Samuel Susanto4, Zachariah E. Fuchs3

  • 1Oklahoma Christian University
  • 2Central State University
  • 3University of Cincinnati
  • 4Wright State University


10:50 - 11:10 | Tue 20 August | Lau, 6-209 | TuA2.2

Session: Control Architectures

Category: Regular Session

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We examine the practical implementation of an evolutionary algorithm to solve a pursuit evasion problem. In this problem, an Attacker and a Target move about an infinite plane with constant speeds. The Target moves in a constant circle, whereas the Attacker is free to change its direction with a bounded turn rate. The goal of the Attacker is to capture the Target in minimum time. We used pursuit evasion robots to physically model this problem and implement an evolutionary algorithm to evaluate the controller performance in real-world systems.