Dynamic Inversion Based Navigation Algorithm for Furrow-Traversing Autonomous Crop Rover

Jeffrey Hammer1, Chong Xu1

  • 1University of St. Thomas



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10:30 - 12:30 | Mon 19 Aug | Lau, 6-209 | MoA2


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In this paper, we present a dynamic-inversion based navigation algorithm to autonomously drive the horticulture rover used for precision agriculture purposes along a narrow furrow without damaging the crops. The horticulture rover traverses the furrow by aligning itself with the centerline with the assistance of a real-time kinematic (RTK)-capable GPS as the location sensor. The results of the simulation whose critical parameters are obtained experimentally from the real system have proved that, the rover is able to correct itself back to the centerline of the course within 1 m distance along the furrow and maintain at the centerline with a fluctuation of less than 3 cm even with system uncertainty and noise, after a disturbance causing a lateral offset of 16 cm and a leaving centerline heading of 2 degrees.

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