Data-Driven and Machine Learning Enabled Control

Fumin Zhang1, Zhongsheng Hou2, Ye Yuan3

  • 1Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2Qingdao University
  • 3Huazhong UST





09:00 - 17:00 | Sun 18 Aug | Yeung, LT-18 | SuD1

Data-Driven and Machine Learning Enabled Control

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The goal for this workshop is to present recent advancement of control approaches in the context of Data-Driven and Machine Learning enabled Control. This invited session is motivated by the rapidly growing number of research and applications of machine learning and data driven control methods. These approaches have proven to be effective in controlling highly complex and nonlinear systems in various applications. Considering the development of this field, we aim to report recent research achievements, and identify relevant challenges at the same time. This workshop will target a group of audience consisting of control theorists, machine learning researchers, and computer scientists alike. Through these sessions, we have invited researchers from different backgrounds to discuss recent advancements in addressing related problems. Considering the cross participation of researchers with different expertise, we hope this workshop can be helpful for the audience to gain inspirations from colleagues, hence further their own quests and form new ideas. We believe the topic of this session is an ideal fit for the scope and vision of CCTA.

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